Game Development Guides

Introductory Guides
Conceptualizing a Video Game
Learn how to brainstorm a game idea and contain it in a Game Design Doc.
Selecting a Toolkit
Learn about game creation tools and toolkit recommendations.
Forming a Team
Learn how to recruit team members and effects of a team's composition.
Making a Business Strategy
Learn about the common business and marketing strategies for video games.
Producing a Video Game
Learn about standard production practices and techniques.
Games Industry Guides
Publisher QA Testing
Learn what it's like to work as a QA Tester for a Publisher.
Jobs in the Games Industry
Learn about the type of jobs in the Games Industry as well as how to improve your chances at starting a career.
Games Industry Work Culture
Get a better understanding of the work culture in the Games Industry.
Games Industry Market Overview
A breakdown of the markets and trends in the Games Industry.
Business and Marketing Guides
Making a Successful Kickstarter
Tips on how to increase the likelihood that your Kickstarter Campaign will be a success.
Public Relations and Marketing
Learn how to get the most out of traditional Public Relations and Marketing.
Building a Successful YouTube Channel
Tips on how to build a Video Game focused YouTube channel.
Indie Business Tactics
A list of tactics business and marketing for running a successful Indie Studio.
The Strength of IPs and Brands
Discover the benefits of making games as an Intellectual Property built around your company's Brand.